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Our company was founded in 1981 by Saul Camargo providing electroplating services. He named it Techno Coatings, setting the stage to expand beyond plating in future years. Saul combined chemistry and artistic creativity to develop innovative gold alloys and plating colors never before seen in aircraft interiors. TECHNO COATINGS remains our core brand representing electroplating services.

In 2009, Techno Coatings started a lean manufacturing transformation. To date, Lean manufacturing continues to be the production philosophy used by our team to eliminate waste ranging from surplus production to underused talent.

IN 2014, we were recognized for excellence in manufacturing by the South Florida Manufacturers Association SFMA. Our team was honored for their service within the aerospace finishing industry and was presented with the "Manufacturer of the Year Award", acknowledged for achieving distinction in product quality, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction and style of process.

With over 35 years of service, the Techno Coatings brand has grown to become the premier name in electroplating services for the aviation industry.



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In 2014, we rebranded Techno and added AEROSPACE to our name, reaffirming our commitment to aircraft interiors and began to search for ways to more fully serve our customers. We looked for inspiration deep in the heart of our founder and once again found art and creativity. We recast the vision of our brand as EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVITY, empowering our customers to be more creative in the design of aircraft interiors, by providing new surface finishing technologies for all hard surfaces of an aircraft interior.

A stylized TA was added to complement the technical look of our logo. In our craft, the technical and creative reside as one. The TA was carefully hand created as the signature of the artist, representing the creative work of each of our team members.


Expansion to New Surfaces

In 2014, the new surface technologies were introduced to the market under five new product lines, encompassing hydrographic printing, dimensional metallization, ceramic coatings, and commissioned fine art. In addition to chemists and technicians, these new products count with artists, designers, and craftsmen to provide creative surfaces to our customers.



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In 2017, after a successful partnership with TA serving commercial airlines, Jormac Aerospace joined the Techno family. Jormac comes with a strong twenty-year reputation for high-quality engineered products and strong core values. Jormac’s roots lie in a relentless spirit of creatively engineering and manufacturing what no one else would do in aircraft interiors. Since its inception, Jormac has expanded on its core of engineering and composite work to allow their customers to EXPRESS THEIR CREATIVITY in VIP lining systems, monuments and structures.


our company today

Today, we are an aircraft interiors products company empowering
our customers to Express Their Creativity in the design of aircraft interiors.

Together our two divisions, provide design, engineering, manufacturing
& certification of creatively unique finishes and interior products

Decorative Electroplating

Artistically Created Surfaces

Engineered Products and Services

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